043 - How To Become Unstoppable After Divorce.

Lindsay Preston is a multi-certified life coach who specializes in helping goal-getter, fear-facing women. She teaches her clients the neuroscience-backed process for life-long change.

Lindsay overcame a horrible divorce in her late 20s where she discovered her husband’s “work trips” were a cover up to living a double life engaged to (and living with) another woman.  She suddenly became a heartbroken single mama who was jobless, distraught and broke.

She had her pain fuel her fire for change, and she sought out to learn how to create exactly what SHE wanted out of life.  In just a few months, she learned how to do just that.  Now, she lives even MORE of the life she once dreamed of.

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed neuroscience nerd, and all of her work is backed by neuroscience to work for the brain. She’s helped women all around the world create everything (and more) they want out of life.

Here are some of the resources mentioned and not mentioned in the episode. (She forgot one of them!)

"Become An Unstoppable Woman" Podcast: www.LindsayEPreston.com/UnstoppablePodcast