062 - The Laws of The Universe.

There was a time where little Sarah didn't know what she was passionate about, what she wanted to pursue, or what her purpose here was.
Until then, there is a spark in her heart that wanted to be a Monk and stayed in a Monastery for 4 years and left on 2017 due to her sickness. All her knowledge and experience from the Monastery didn't went lost but being used to explore new things about Manifestations.
Sarah doesn't believe in luck, but she is forever grateful she knew why we have those lucks in life. This information isn't taught in schools, so it's very rare you bump into it. But once you're aware of these universal laws that govern our world, you can then begin manifesting
Intentionally. At first, I was a skeptic I am very spiritual person but since I got sick I jump into science how can I heal myself until I found some magical things that we already possessed. I thought manifestation was hocus pocus. Maybe you're thinking this now. I combined spirituality with science that is really proven that you can create your own life. YES YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE! I became the creator of my reality instead of the observer. This is so much fun! I want this for you, too. 
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