090 - What You Need To Know About Divorce And Mortgages.

A word from Mona Wong:

I have been in the business for about 20 years and have been with Monument Mortgage for about 14 years.  I am a working mom with 17 year old twins.  A sports mom with each playing baseball and softball.  I love working with people and helping through something that can be very scary and nerve wracking…obtaining a mortgage!  I have seen, heard, learned and experienced so much with my clients over these years, so nothing…well some things still surprise me.  I have helped my couples (both sides) figure out the financing so that each can finance a place to live post-divorce.  I can help with preparing for what you will need to budget for and what you can qualify for.  It is not always a quick process and in fact it usually is a long one but a smooth one if we prepare. 

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