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Karen D. Sparks, C.D.F.A.® J.D. is the principal and owner of Divorce Financial Strategists™. In her capacity as a certified divorce financial analyst®, Ms. Sparks is trained to provide expert financial services that are specifically targeted to the area of divorce and separation. Core practice areas include but are not limited to : Complete financial asset review and analysis, settlement projections, tax implications for support, real property and investment assets, analysis of retirement accounts, real property offsets or buyout and other areas of asset distribution
including post-divorce tasks are all handled with the specific goal of facilitating the divorce and separation process.

As part of her client engagements, Ms. Sparks has been a retained expert and trial expert witness for clients on the subject of marital standard of living, analysis and computation of separate and community property interests in real estate and valuation of business entities in order to determine income
for support. She is also the co-author of the Stress-Free Divorce, volume one published in April 2017.

Ms. Sparks provides divorce financial analysis to services to individuals and couples and also provides consulting services to attorneys, mediators, alternative dispute resolution professionals and other family law service providers.

NOTE: Ms. Sparks is not a wealth manager and does not provide services for asset investment and/or
financial planning. Ms. Sparks completed her legal education and obtained her Juris Doctorate degree
but does not engage in the practice of law and is not licensed to do so any state or territory of the United States of America. Contact information:

Karen D. Sparks, C.D.F.A.®, J.D.
Divorce Financial Strategists™
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