128 - How Point C Can Help Your Divorce.

Larry and Joni are a caring and dynamic couple who have dedicated their lives and professional outreach to helping families navigate the oft-times difficult journey through mental health issues, special needs and family law.  After serving on the Superior Court bench in New Jersey, Larry retired from public service, began teaching at two Universities, and  became significantly involved in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.  Joni is board certified in psychiatric and mental health nursing, and is a certified anger management specialist. She is also a mediator as well.  Larry and Joni actively advocate on a variety of issues including, autism and special needs, co-parenting, cultural competency, domestic violence/ IPV issues, and  animal-related legal issues.  They have recently relocated to New Mexico and are involved in a multitude of online social education projects. 

Lawrence R. Jones recently retired from public service as a New Jersey Superior Court Judge and is presently a member of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and a member of the teaching faculty of the Association as well. 

Joni Jones is a registered nurse, board certified in psychiatric and mental health nursing, who retired from the New Jersey State Board of Nursing, serving the public   under two separate Governors (Jon Corzine/Chris Christie). 

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